Suitable for children from 1.5 to 6 years old.
The groups are divided by age: 1.5-3 years; 4-6 years

Model school for kids

Unique learning system: «Learning by playing».
~ Early development: development of memory, attention, thinking, imagination, fine and large motor skills
~ Photo posing (snaps, model tests, catalog shooting, reportage, advertising, thematic shooting and much more)
~ Fashion show (Walker-walker, Healthy posture and the Basics of podium gait)
~Acting Skills (launching speech, the basics of acting, emotions in the frame, working for the public)

Photo shoots/video shooting. A practical lesson. Every month, your child is waiting for the shots that are needed to consolidate the material passed, get practical experience and a professional Portfolio

International Base. We include your child in the database and regularly offer his services as a model to our Customers and Partners, and this is a direct way to get paid work!

Auditions. We include the child's mother in a secret chat with the latest castings, thanks to which the child has the opportunity to receive paid contracts!

Fashion. Our models regularly participate in fashion weeks, international competitions and other fashion events

SHOOTING Shooting with the participation of our models
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