Unique product: «Vogue Style Party»

«Vogue Party» — a new unique offer from the model agency "UMBIUS
What is included?
  • Master class on Photo posing from Evgenia Orlovskaya, the leading model; «MISS PEARL OF THE WORLD 2021»; «II VICE-MISS QUEEN OF RUSSIA 2020»; Model of All-Russian and International shows: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Estet Fashion Week, etc.
  • Professional photography from the height of the acquired skills!
  • Certificate of completion of the express course in the Model School for each participant!
  • The hero of the occasion receives the title «Top-Model»!
  • Promotion until September 01, 2023 - a bottle of champagne as a Gift!
The time of the event is 3 hours!
  • Buffet (from 800₽ per person)
  • Cake (from 800₽ per 1 kg)
  • Bartender Show (from 7000₽)
  • Glitter Pad (3000₽)

And whatever your heart desires!
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