Suitable for Adults from 18 to 45 years old who already have a base and want to work in the modeling field.

High Fashion course

A unique training system. There are no analogues!

~ Photo posing (in the style of Vogue and Art Nouveau)
~ Fashion show (The basics of the runway gait in the style of Vogue and Art Nouveau)
~ Aesthetics (study of international modeling, fashion industry, High Fashion, HauteCouture, etc.)
~ Pedagogy in modeling (methodology and practice of teaching in modeling, lessons in teaching photo posing and fashion shows)
~ Directing in modeling (Directing the fashion industry, staging shows, organizing fashion events and filming)
Photo shoots/video shooting. A practical lesson. Shooting in the style of Vogue and Art Nouveau. Full image: Makeup/hairstyle/clothes - included in the tuition fee!
International Base. We include you in the model database and regularly offer your services as a model to our Customers and Partners, and this is a direct way to get paid work!
Auditions. We include you in a secret chat with the latest castings, thanks to which you have the opportunity to receive paid contracts!
Fashion. Our models regularly participate in fashion weeks, international competitions and other fashion events
SHOOTING Shooting with the participacion of our models
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