Turnkey business

The International Model School «UMBIUS» is looking for Partners!

We have different options for cooperation that are beneficial for you and for us! We welcome all cities and countries!

1. The Partner Program. You want and are ready to run a Model School, but you don't have the funds to buy a franchise and open a school. It's not a problem. We take care of all expenses! We are opening a school in your city, you are going through full training, starting from doing business, ending with pedagogy. You become a full Partner, manage your own business and get a share in it!

2. The Franchise program. You don't want partners and a share, but you want to own the business alone! This is also not a problem. You buy a franchise, go through full training and become a full-fledged owner of your own business. Our royalties surprise, not strain!

3. The program «Director». You are not ready to take on extra obligations, but you want to have a favorite job that will bring you great pleasure. And we can do it! We are opening a school in your city, you go through full training and become the Director of our branch with a stable salary and complete absence of risks associated with doing business!

What can we offer you?

1. Training programs developed according to international standards!
2. Author's methods, worked out for decades!
3. Unique items
4. Budget places
5. Access to private VIP events and private chat with castings!
6. Own glossy magazine
7. Our Partners: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Estet Fashion Week, Moscow Fashion Week; IMA New York Vogue Italy, Imirage, Assure, Feroce, Mob Journal, Malvie, Moveux, Teen, etc. Jewelry House «Estet», Toy Factory «Smoltoys», Children's clothing factory «Pelican», «Gulliver», «YouLala», «Terranova», Professional Cosmetics Estel, etc. TV channels: «Friday», «Yu», «Russia» and many others
8. We love our business, live by it and are constantly developing!

Why now?

~ Because right now we have brought all our programs and author's courses to perfection!
~ Right now our reputation is ahead of us!
~ We have come a long way, messed up and now we know everything about our work!
~ Right now we are starting our journey through cities and countries! And if you suddenly want to become a part of our team, open your favorite business and succeed in it — just write or call us!

Your advantages by working with us:

~ Permanent personal manager for each Partner and Franchisee
~ VIP-UMBIUS program for managers! This includes attending private events, fashion forums and training seminars, interesting acquaintances, Fashion shoots, «Director of the TOP 5» and much more
~ Clear and structured training according to a unique program
~ Full immersion in the business with all the pitfalls and mistakes
~ Convenient CRM system
~ Quick start
~ A business model that has passed all crises, pandemics and other global events
~ Honest Royalty! Our task is to ensure that our Franchisees work with us for a long time and successfully
~ Reputation and formed demand for the services of «UMBIUS»
Proven advertising campaigns and marketing strategy
Author's program, materials and lesson plan
Legal package and further support
Assistance in recruitment
Assistance in the selection of premises and locations
Maintaining social networks and primary content
Personal website and entry into the register of the main site

The Growth of our First School:

The first month of training:

• 30 students

• 2 groups

• Team - 3 people

• A room of 30 sq.m by barter

Sixth month of training:

• 62 students

• 4 groups

• A team of 10 people

• Premises of 50 sq.m – hourly rent

18 month of training:

• 131 students

• 10 groups

• A team of 32 people

• Premises of 110 sq.m in the property!

• 3 sites

• 32,000 photos

• 18 commercials for federal channels

• 11 fashion shows

• 16 glossy magazines

• 10 episode movie!

Why are parents happy to give their children to us and come themselves?

  • Training

    We have developed a unique training system. We work according to the author's methods. We are working on the result. Our difference from others is that we give not only theory, but also practice. The training system includes not only educational lessons, but also psychological trainings, creating a portfolio, meeting interesting people and much more! With such a system, it is easier for our students to succeed in any business
  • Prospects for promotion

    Our school cooperates with the best contests, shows and fashion events, as well as with the most famous brands in Russia and Abroad. Our models get access to a private chat with castings, and this brings huge opportunities for promotion and the conclusion of profitable contracts from the first month of training

  • Health

    We help to correct posture and gait. Our models are becoming healthier and more confident. We promote a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time reject any diets and pressure on the personality. We are engaged in a fierce struggle with complexes. We help to overcome uncertainty and personal problems, get rid of shyness, clamps, cultivate leadership qualities, teach how to get out of different life situations correctly
  • Perspective

    In Russia, most of the institutions for additional education have an extremely low level of training and are aimed exclusively at pumping money. Our main task is to give Students Professional training that they can turn into their personal Success. That is why our customers trust us!

Apply and become the owner of a very beautiful business!

We will contact you to discuss the details of cooperation in the near future
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